The Process

Process for Moving or Lifting a Structure

  • Whatcom House Movers determines if the building/structure can be raised / moved.
  • An acceptable route for transporting the structure is determined by Mover.
  • A Housemoving Contract is signed by customer and a deposit is given to the Mover.
  • Moving permits are arranged by Mover.
  • Mover correlates the route with the utility companies, police and fire departments, and public works.

Process of Loading a Building or Structure

  • Holes are made in the foundation of the structure.
  • Steel beams are inserted into the holes.
  • The steel beams are leveled and shored.
  • When it is supported entirely on steel beams, the building is raised hydraulically.
  • Wheeled dollies are installed to transport the structure.
  • A prime mover tractor is attached via a hydraulically controlled bolster beam mounte on the fifth wheel link of the tractor.

altProcess of Transporting a Building or Structure

  • A day and time to move structure is determined by Movers to be one that minimize business disruption.
  • Whatcom Housemovers' Crew are on site ready to relocate structure to new site.
  • Utility crews are on site to assist with removing and replacing of power lines.
  • Police and certified flaggers are on site to assist in the relocation of structure.
  • Actual move/raise of structure is relocated to new site.

altProcess of Lowering a Building or Structure

  • Building/structure is place on a specific site previously determined by customer.
  • Building/structure is leveled and shored.
  • New foundation is installed by Mover or customer.
  • When the customer is ready, the Mover will lower building/structure onto new foundation.

The process of moving, lifting of a structure or building requires the careful planning and the coordination of many specialized workers. Whatcom House Movers recognizes the importance of this process and the importance of a satisfied customer. We are here to serve our customers.

A satisfied customer is one of our foremost goals. A list of customers is available upon request to any potential customer. 

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